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v1.10(23) macOS 10.11+, Intel & Apple Silicon
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Main feature is Free, the license unlock advanced features

ShowMeYourHotKeys main window with finder shortcuts

You can install ShowMeYourHotKeys from HomeBrew

brew install --cask showmeyourhotkeys

Persistant window

Press 3 times to open the persistant window. When switching application, the hotkeys list will be updated shortly after.
Press 3 times to close the window.

Instant window

Hold down  to show the instant window.
Release all keys to close the window.

Filter hotkeys list

Filter the hotkeys list on menu title and/or on modifiers keys (,,, or fn)

Custom hotkeys

Change menu items shortcuts.
Assign a shortcut to menu item that don't have one.
(Some application does not support custom hotkeys)


Bookmark a hot key so that it always appears at the top of the list and is never filtered out.

On screen hot keys

Show hotkeys on screen while typing.

System HotKeys

System HotKeys are displayed at the and of the list. They can be filtered like other hotkeys.
The list is updated if changes occurs in System Preferences.

All features

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Use the persistent window or the temporary "long-press" window. Choose over four available window layout.

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Filter hotKeys

Filter app hotkeys to quickly find the one you are looking for.

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Bookmark yours favorites app's hot keys. ShowMeYourHotKeys will show them always on top of the list.

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Defines how and when ShowMeYourHotKeys will show hotkeys.

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Browse all hotKeys of your applications.

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Generate CheatSheet

Generate PDF cheat sheets of your applications shortcuts.

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Display keys on Screen

Display keys on screen while typing.

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Custom hotkeys

Define your own custom hotkeys for applications menu items.

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System hotKeys

Display all system hotKeys.

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