Version 1.10(23)

  • NEW The waiting time between each key press to display the persistent window is adjustable.

    key delay-settings
  • NEW New Up & Down Layout.

  • NEW New option to highlight conflicted hotkeys (works only for the current application & system hotkeys).

  • FIX Fixes minors bugs.

Version 1.9(22)

  • NEW Add an option to disable/enable hotkeys (not the applications menu shortcuts).

  • NEW Add an option to display CapsLock key state when "OnScreen HotKey" option is active.

  • NEW New layout and presentation options (see preferences panes).

Version 1.7(20)

  • NEW Add an option to manually show of hide the Main Window.

  • NEW Search Field and "HotKey pressed" filter in the main window can be activated with special hotkeys (see "Window" settings).
    Use ⌃⌥⌘S to focus on search field.
    Use ⌃⌥⌘T to toggle "HotKey pressed" filter.

  • NEW French localisation.

  • FIX Fixes bugs when showing Hotkeys on screen.

  • FIX Fixes bugs on HotKeys Database.

Version 1.6.2(19)

  • FIX ShowMeYourHotKeys should no longer crash with system hot keys.

Version 1.6.1(18)

  • FIX ShowMeYourHotKeys should no longer crash with system hot keys.

Version 1.6(17)

  • NEW End of beta.

  • UPDATE Better handling of system hotkeys.

Version 1.5.1(16)

  • UPDATE Add UI when collecting items from apps or when items are unavailable.

  • FIX Remove some memory leaks.

  • FIX PDF CheatSheet should now shows only valid menu items (with valid hotkey).

  • FIX Custom hot keys should work more reliably on macOS Ventura.

  • FIX Accessibility authorization check should work correclty on macOS Ventura.

Version 1.5(15)

  • new Add an option to hide Dock icon & menu application.

  • new Add an option to keep the same screen when the layout is changed and the hotkey window is displayed.

  • new Add on option (gear menu) to show system hot keys.

Version 1.3(14) 

  • FIX Checking Full Disk Access should work more reliabily.

Version 1.3(13)

  • UPDATE Change implementation of Bookmark (ex-favorites).

  • NEW Custom hotkeys.

  • NEW Add an option to hide menu & icon in Dock.

Version 1.2(12)

  • UPDATE Beta free license goes up to 1/12/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY).

Version 1.2(11)

  • NEW ShowMeYourHotKeys can display hot keys on screen while typing.

Version 1.1(10)

  • NEW Add an option to print a cheatsheet.

  • NEW Add more window layout (fullscreen, left, right and floating).

Version 1.0(8)

  • UPDATE ShowMeYourHotKeys is now a regular application.

  • NEW Application HotKeys Database. Every Application's hotkeys shown by ShowMeYourHotKeys is saved in the HotKeys Database. HotKeys Database is accessible from the status icon menu.

Version 1.0(6)

  • NEW Add Sparkle Framework.

  • NEW Add Favorites HotKeys.

  • BUG On WakeUp, sometimes the app doest not respond (with error AXUIElementGetAttributeValueCount=AXError(rawValue: -25204)). The app must be killed.

Version 1.0(2)

  • Initial Release

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